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Value Propositions

At Stealth, our success is built on value. Here are a few of the main value propositions we can offer your organization:

Peace of mind

Comes from working with an independent specialized wholesale partner that never works directly with employer groups.

Access to top-tier direct writing carrier markets

Each of which provides outstanding financial strength, comprehensive coverage and robust policy features and enhancements.

Cost and time savings

Offloads the expense and management of stop loss and ancillary benefit solutions to a trusted, focused, and expert partner.

Unique access, leverage, and exposure

To all of the leading stop loss and ancillary carriers to provide a wider, more flexible range of competitive options and solutions.

An exclusive focus on highly specialized stop loss and ancillary benefits

Delivers a level of collective experience and knowledge no other general agency can match.

Comprehensive & turnkey solutions

Providing everything from initial marketing, implementation, and ongoing account management to full premium administration, claims management and cost containment enhancements.

Contact Us

Call, email, or stop by one of our offices to learn more about how we can help you offer comprehensive and competitive stop loss and ancillary benefit solutions to your clients.